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  • [NEW] Lenovo L24e-20 FreeSync 24 inch FHD Monitor VGA & HDMI

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    Lenovo L24e-20 FreeSync 24 inch FHD Monitor VGA and HDMI  –  65DFKAC1UK

    Top features: 

    • Near-edgeless panel keeps focus on the screen
    • Full HD screen makes images look better
    • Fast response time makes on-screen movement smoother
    • Good connectivity with multiple ports, HDMI and VGA

    Full HD

    Stream videos in great quality with the Full HD screen. The Lenovo L24e-20 Full HD 23.8″ LED Monitor has a high brightness for absolute clarity, so it’s as good for gaming as it is for movies.

    Fast response time

    The Lenovo L24e-20 works with NVIDIA G-Sync to get a 4 ms response time, which renders fast on-screen movement like in-game combat with minimal blur, judder, or ghosting.

    Near-edgeless panel

    You don’t want wasted space, so the near-edgeless panel keeps everything compact. The minimized space between screens helps make dual-monitor setups fit together seamlessly.

    Good connectivity

    With multiple inputs, the Lenovo L24e-20 Monitor connects to both older computers with VGA and more modern machines with HDMI.

    £89.00 + VAT
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