Building Your Gaming Setup

It is every gamer’s dream to build the Ultimate Gaming Setup. However, at the same time, this dream costs a lot. Many at times, gamers are not able to complete it due to its expensive nature. Building a Gaming Setup is not easy as requires a lot of patience, research, and money. In this guide, I’ll help you narrow down the steps to take that are needed to Build your Gaming Setup. (more…)

Used Laptops V/S Refurbished Laptops – How Do They Differ?

You may be a student, an office employee or just an average person looking for a laptop to complete your projects, prepare presentations or just browse the web. But there is always a question on your mind. Which one to go for? When choosing a laptop, there are many things to consider before you make your decision. Some of the key features that you look for are the processor, screen size, RAM and storage. (more…)

Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming

If you are from the gamer community you must’ve heard the one eternal battle that has been going on forever. Who is the best GPU manufacturer; Nvidia or AMD? If you need a GPU, you have asked for suggestions and might got different opinions about these two GPU manufacturers. Today we are going to discuss Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming PC Performance and Pricing When it comes to performance, it cannot be generalized as performance varies from model [...]

Top 3 Refurbished Graphics Cards for Smooth Gaming

To increase performance the best and the most expensive upgrade that must be made is the Graphics Card. As long as you are willing to spend a little more than $200, you will easily find a graphics card that offers 1080p gaming experience. You must choose a GPU that delivers higher performance than your previous Graphics Card and is also cost-efficient. Today I will be discussing our Top 3 Refurnished Graphics Cards for Gaming. (more…)

How Gaming Booms With Just an Upgrade in Your PC

Whether you are an average person who performs basic tasks on a PC or a hard-core gamer, it’s fairly easy for anyone to boost their PC’s performance. But what are the necessary changes that are needed for a significant boost in the performance and are also cost-effective? In this blog, we shall learn ‘How gaming booms, with just an upgrade in your PC." (more…)

GPU – Buyer’s Guide

Gaming Industry now being the fastest growing industry of the 21st Century, most people from around the world choose to spend their spare time gaming with other players. Most of us can now afford to build ourselves a Gaming PC but how to do it? You choose the type of processor you want, the right amount of storage and sufficient RAM. (more…)

Regular Mouse or Gaming Mouse – Better Choice for New Gamers

There are many things to consider when you buy a Gaming PC like the RAM, SSD, the storage, the Graphics Card. But once you have decided that, you are faced with one of the hardest choices to make. Which peripherical to use? Gaming or Regular? (more…)

Advantages of Using a Mini-PC for Your Daily Life

Whether you are a student or a professional person, you will always find yourself using a PC in your daily life. It does not matter where you are you will find PCs all around you; at your house, at your workplace, in your school and even in coffee shops. (more…)

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