A Showdown Between Manufacturer and Seller Refurbished Computers

Posted on February 11th, 2019

There’s a highly fueled argument on the internet about manufacturer and seller refurbished items. Refurbished computers are basically devices which are returned due to a technical glitch or customer dissatisfaction. The refurbished market can be divided into two parts, Seller and manufacturer refurbished. 

Seller refurbished means that the damaged computer was returned to the local retailer from where it was bought. After that, the seller himself took up the repairing processes of the computer and set it up for sale again as refurbished. Manufacturer refurbished means that the item was bought from the original brand and was returned to them for some reason. The refurbishment process was in this case, taken up by the brand itself. While both of them have their own pros and cons, let’s have a look at their performance in the points you would ponder while buying a refurbished computer.


When it comes to buying a new computer, your first concern should be whether it functions well or not. You can be completely at peace on this point when buying a manufacturer refurbished computer. That is because they have been fixed by the brand itself, therefore have the quality of a new product. Also, many brands such as Apple, create the refurbished wing of their sales for the sole reason of attracting more customers. That’s why they make a full effort for customer satisfaction. A seller refurbished computer will also probably work well. But that depends on the seller you are making your purchase from. There are some cases where sellers roughly put together low-quality parts to set up a refurbished model. While that is the case, some sellers are certified from brands themselves and their refurbished products are highly performant as well.


Reasonable prices are the main reason refurbished computers and laptops are trending online. You can get the best-refurbished computers for almost half the price of an original model.  If you consider the prices of the manufacturer refurbished computers compared to their original counterparts, the price is relatively less. But, if you are on a budget, seller refurbished computers require a much lesser investment. In this case, whether you wish to go for a brand-quality refurbished computer or buy from a trusted seller, the choice depends on your budget and needs.


This is where seller refurbished products don’t make the mark. While they do give a commendable warranty on their products are times, most sellers do not provide this facility. Compared to that, manufacturers usually give their refurbished products the same warranty period as their new, box packed products.


There is likely to be more availability of your required product in the seller refurbished market than its counterparts. This is because manufacturers don’t usually put up their latest models for sale in the refurbished section. You will usually get a limited selection of old models available. Seller refurbished obviously don’t follow such policies. Therefore, you can find a wide array of products to choose from available at their sites.

Summarizing both the sides, it shows that both of them have their own pros and cons which you will have to balance out according to your needs. The above products give an unbiased review on both to help you make an informed decision. Lastly to check out the best-refurbished computers and laptops, visit Tech Bazar.

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