Refurbished Peripherals

Regular Mouse or Gaming Mouse – Better Choice for New Gamers

There are many things to consider when you buy a Gaming PC like the RAM, SSD, the storage, the Graphics Card. But once you have decided that, you are faced with one of the hardest choices to make. Which peripherical to use? Gaming or Regular? (more…)

3 Reasons Why Refurbished Peripherals are the Best

When buying a computer, it is important to check the hardware devices supporting it. They should work as well as the computer. Peripherals are auxiliary devices that are not central to the workings of the computer. These include keyboard, DVD-ROM, mouse, printer, monitor and scanner. (more…)

Should You Buy Refurbished Peripherals for Your PC?

Computers are evolving over time according to the increasing needs of users for personal and commercial purposes. Unlike how it used to be many years ago, peripheral devices such as a mouse, keyboard, screens, and DVD ROM are now available in a huge variety at different prices. Each device might be manufactured specifically for a purpose and the most popular example is the gaming range of mouse and keyboard. But should you buy refurbished peripherals? (more…)

Why You Need a Gaming Mouse To Be a Competitive Gamer

Whether you’re trapped in the addiction of Players Underground Battle Royale—commonly known as PUBG—or want to brush up your shooting skills to participate in next Counter-Strike: GO tournament. A gaming mouse will allow you to give superior performance compared to a regular mouse. Here are three key reasons why you should opt for a high-quality gaming mouse. Precision Optics When it comes to professional first-person shooter (FPS) gaming, DPI—short for dots per inch—of your mouse plays a very important role. It dictates [...]

The Best Refurbished Gaming Keyboards

Imagine the feeling, you've just unboxed your best gaming PC, there's nothing more you would need for the perfect gaming experience, right? Yes, the normal peripherals that go with a typical refurbished computer will probably work for your gaming PC as well, but come on. If you consider yourself a hardcore computer gamer, would you be willing to settle for that? (more…)

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mini PC

Technology is working to make devices more and more compact. While most of us would have mocked the ability of a mini PC besides that of a strong core tower, things are changing rapidly. Mini PCs are not only making their way into our homes but in professional environments as well.  (more…)

Nvidia Or AMD? – The Best Choice For Refurbished Graphics Card

If you plan to use your PC for gaming and 4k video editing purposes, then you'll need good graphics support for flawless working. When setting out to buy a graphics card, you are bound to come across the most heated discussion there is in the graphics card market, the Nvidia Vs AMD debate.  (more…)

Counterfeiting In The Graphics Card Market

Counterfeiting is the bane of online shopping and eCommerce. If you are not into buying things online till yet, most probably this is the reason you've been refraining from it. Even though there's a federal law protecting the customers against counterfeiting, the main markets for these products are available online.  (more…)

Which Refurbished Graphics Card Is Compatible For You?

Compatibility is a big issue when setting up a gaming PC. You need to be sure that the graphics card you're investing in is totally compatible to your PC, otherwise, you'll end up wasting a lot of your money on buying a new PC set up, or a new graphics card. (more…)

Should You Get The Best Refurbished Peripherals For Your PC?

The peripherals are basically the sidekicks of the main computing system. The core systems being the motherboard, the power supply, and the processing unit. Everything else would come under the peripheral section. They don't affect computers all over performance in any way but help you to operate it in an accessible way. These devices can be divided into input, output, and storage devices.  (more…)

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