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Top 3 Refurbished Graphics Cards for Smooth Gaming

To increase performance the best and the most expensive upgrade that must be made is the Graphics Card. As long as you are willing to spend a little more than $200, you will easily find a graphics card that offers 1080p gaming experience. You must choose a GPU that delivers higher performance than your previous Graphics Card and is also cost-efficient. Today I will be discussing our Top 3 Refurnished Graphics Cards for Gaming. (more…)

Nvidia Or AMD? – The Best Choice For Refurbished Graphics Card

If you plan to use your PC for gaming and 4k video editing purposes, then you'll need good graphics support for flawless working. When setting out to buy a graphics card, you are bound to come across the most heated discussion there is in the graphics card market, the Nvidia Vs AMD debate.  (more…)

Counterfeiting In The Graphics Card Market

Counterfeiting is the bane of online shopping and eCommerce. If you are not into buying things online till yet, most probably this is the reason you've been refraining from it. Even though there's a federal law protecting the customers against counterfeiting, the main markets for these products are available online.  (more…)

Features of the Best Refurbished Gaming PCs

If you are a gamer or on a prospect to be one, a gaming Pc is sure to be your lifeline. Gamers are usually on the go with their computers for long hours, which cause computers to heat up. This is why a gaming computer has a short life and is used to its full extent. Sadly, new gaming PCs with their high-end gear and finery come at a pretty price. the best-refurbished computer companies offer a wide range [...]

Fake & Cheap Graphic Cards on eBay

With influx of Fake Graphic Cards which are widely available on sites like eBay we wanted to let our clients know the difference between the good and reputed ones and those which are mainly unbranded or lesser known questionable brands. Some of these are available at dirt cheap prices but in actual they are worst then some of the on-board intel based graphic chips which are already included in the motherboard. Prices are always main priority for customers, so with [...]

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