Refurbished Gaming PCs

Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming

If you are from the gamer community you must’ve heard the one eternal battle that has been going on forever. Who is the best GPU manufacturer; Nvidia or AMD? If you need a GPU, you have asked for suggestions and might got different opinions about these two GPU manufacturers. Today we are going to discuss Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming PC Performance and Pricing When it comes to performance, it cannot be generalized as performance varies from model [...]

How Gaming Booms With Just an Upgrade in Your PC

Whether you are an average person who performs basic tasks on a PC or a hard-core gamer, it’s fairly easy for anyone to boost their PC’s performance. But what are the necessary changes that are needed for a significant boost in the performance and are also cost-effective? In this blog, we shall learn ‘How gaming booms, with just an upgrade in your PC." (more…)

GPU – Buyer’s Guide

Gaming Industry now being the fastest growing industry of the 21st Century, most people from around the world choose to spend their spare time gaming with other players. Most of us can now afford to build ourselves a Gaming PC but how to do it? You choose the type of processor you want, the right amount of storage and sufficient RAM. (more…)

Buy Your Child a Refurbished Gaming PC Rather than a New Phone

The world keeps changing with time. There was a time when there was a demand for doctors, lawyers, and engineers but now multi-million dollar companies and brands look for young talented gamers who would compete with others like them from around the world and take home a trophy and a cheque worth thousands of dollars. Parents always worry about their child’s future but now there is no need because “buying a Refurbished Gaming PC for them has far greater [...]

Why is Refurbished Gaming PC a Better Choice?

One of the most common uses of a PC is for gaming as there is a huge demand for PC games globally. Every now and then, a new game or a sequel of a popular game is released requiring even better specifications and hence gamers tend to either upgrade their current PC or buy a new gaming PC from the market that meets their requirements. A gaming PC is equipped with extra, high performing parts to support extreme graphics [...]

Why is a Refurbished Desktop Computer Ideal for Gaming?

Gaming takes you in a world of fantasy where you can kill the bad men, become the hero or just save the day with your super-skills. Many people who are into gaming are very particular about the type of device they use, especially if they are buying a PC specifically for it. You must have certain criteria which you are looking at a desktop computer. Here is why we would recommend you to choose a refurbished computer. (more…)

Why You Should Opt For a PC for Gaming

There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to choosing between a PC and a laptop for gaming. Many favor laptops for gaming due as they are portable can be used for hours without electricity; however, the advantages of gaming PC are far greater than a laptop. Here’s why you should opt for a gaming PC instead of a gaming laptop. Gaming PCs are more economical Price—of course—is one of the major reasons why you should go with a gaming [...]

Why You Need a Gaming Mouse To Be a Competitive Gamer

Whether you’re trapped in the addiction of Players Underground Battle Royale—commonly known as PUBG—or want to brush up your shooting skills to participate in next Counter-Strike: GO tournament. A gaming mouse will allow you to give superior performance compared to a regular mouse. Here are three key reasons why you should opt for a high-quality gaming mouse. Precision Optics When it comes to professional first-person shooter (FPS) gaming, DPI—short for dots per inch—of your mouse plays a very important role. It dictates [...]

The Best Refurbished Gaming Keyboards

Imagine the feeling, you've just unboxed your best gaming PC, there's nothing more you would need for the perfect gaming experience, right? Yes, the normal peripherals that go with a typical refurbished computer will probably work for your gaming PC as well, but come on. If you consider yourself a hardcore computer gamer, would you be willing to settle for that? (more…)

Refurbished Monitors – Yes or No?

Monitors are the most important peripherals of your PC. If your monitor works flawlessly, you'll have amazing gaming or user experience through your PC, and if not, simple computing tasks will give you a headache.  (more…)

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