Are Refurbished Monitors Worth Your Money?

Posted on June 19th, 2019

One of the most important features of a PC, especially for gamers and graphic designers, is the result of the screen or monitor they are using. In modern days, flat screen LCD monitors have gained immense popularity due to their modern beautiful looks and portability. However, old-style thick monitors are still sometimes preferred by gamers due to the better gameplay experience. But is a refurbished monitor worth your money is given its importance?

Advantages of refurbished monitors

Some of the major reasons why the use of refurbished monitors has increased dramatically over the years are:

  • Greater variety: There are some older models of monitors that are not available in market unused and are replaced by newer models. These models are preferred by people depending upon their use for gaming or designing so they are available in the refurbished category.
  • Lower price: It is a given fact that refurbished peripherals are safer than used ones so if you are getting those in almost the same price, there is no reason why you would not buy it. Refurbished monitors are available for almost half a price as new ones or even for less!
  • Reliable: Since refurbished monitors are serviced by the manufacturer, you can be satisfied that the parts are original and the monitor is properly assembled. The monitor is marked as defect-free by the company, unlike used monitors in which there is always a doubt.

Things to consider when buying refurbished monitors

If you take the following into account when buying a refurbished monitor, you may not have to regret your decision:

  • The monitor is no more than three years old: It is safe to buy a monitor that is no more than three years old even if it is serviced by the manufacturer. Some internal parts tend to wear off after three years or so and the manufacturer might not be aware of it till the problem emerges.
  • Find the one with warranty: While warranty only comes with new devices and peripherals, manufacturers often provide checking warranty of one week to 90 days. Go for a monitor that comes with maximum possible checking warranty so that you can get a replacement or repair if a problem occurs within the warranty duration.

Brand reliability: Well-known brands like Dell and Hewlett Packard are safer to buy because these brands take care of their image. Less renowned brands might be riskier for refurbished items.

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