Building Your Gaming Setup

Posted on October 30th, 2019

It is every gamer’s dream to build the Ultimate Gaming Setup. However, at the same time, this dream costs a lot. Many at times, gamers are not able to complete it due to its expensive nature.

Building a Gaming Setup is not easy as requires a lot of patience, research, and money. In this guide, I’ll help you narrow down the steps to take that are needed to Build your Gaming Setup.


A Gaming Setup is never complete without the use of multiple screens. If you need to get the feel then multiple monitors should be a part of your setup.

Along with the feel, multiple monitors can help you divide your work and hobby on separate screens. You can work on one, and play games on the other.


The MOST important factor in Building a Gaming PC is the CPU. Your CPU determines the level of sophistication and dedication you invested in your Gaming Setup.

First, you need to get the GPU that is powerful enough to support the latest games. I recommend a GPU that has a minimum of 4GB VRAM.

The next thing you need is memory also known as RAM. It is advised that you use a minimum of 8GB RAM for your Gaming PC.

Most of the latest games require a lot of storage space. Some of those are Hitman 2 (110 GB), Read Dead Redemption 2 (150GB) and Grand Theft Auto V (80GB). To play these titles, you need to have a whole lot of storage and other similar games like them.


This is where the CPU physically exists. You need to get a computer case that can hold all of the above-mentioned components essential for your setup. Make sure you have the correct size that could accommodate all parts.


You can have a variety of options here. Many people choose an RGB keyboard but that is not enough. You can opt for a Mechanical Keyboard that has RGB function along with the gaming mouse that would help you with stepping up your game.

A set of Gaming Headsets can also be handy such as the Razer Kraken 7.1. These are noise cancelation headphones, which helps you with the concentration you need to win that level.

Always research the best deals for cheaper models and keep this article in mind before coming to a decision. Happy hunting and Keep Gaming.