Difference Between Refurbished and Used Laptops

Posted on April 9th, 2019

When you’re going to purchase a laptop, there are several factors that you must give consideration. Primarily, these may include processing power, screen size, memory, and storage. More importantly, you’d want to decide between purchasing a refurbished or used a laptop. But, what actually is the difference? Let’s find out!

Refurbished Laptops

Purchasing a refurbished laptop can be considered as an economical way to purchase a laptop with the same specifications and functionality of a new laptop but at a much lower price. They may or may not be used ones. You might have noticed that the difference lies in the money trade-off with a brand-new product, that is slightly used or even remained unused due to a minor defect or some other reason.

Refurbished laptops undergo extensive hardware and quality check to make sure they are functioning properly. During this inspection, any hardware problem is identified and repaired. Once the seller makes sure that a device is free from error, then they mark it as tested and certified. Along with that, a certain warranty period is offered to give customers peace of mind and confidence over the product.

Used Laptops

Used laptops are specifically second-hand laptops. These laptops are not supposed to go under the process of quality check, testing, verification, or repairing. Thus, the seller can’t provide you with a guarantee that how long it is going to be functional. Generally, it depends upon the condition of the laptop and how you handle your device. It may work fine for years or may malfunction within a week.

Nevertheless, people frequently buy used laptops because they’re easily accessible at bizarrely low prices. You can get your job done without having to save money to purchase a new one. However, you may expect a few defects and failures, especially if you didn’t inspect your device before making a purchase.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the key differences between a refurbished and a used laptop, you can assess your needs and decide which one will be a better choice for you. Visit tech-bazar for more info.

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