Drawing A Line Between Refurbished and Used Products

Posted on February 14th, 2019

When you’re out buying something other than a brand new product, you might come across words like ‘Refurbished’, ‘used’, ‘pre-owned’, and ‘second-hand’, used by sellers interchangeably. Therefore, you should be clear about the precise meanings of each to avoid investing in something you don’t want. 

The difference that sets refurbished and used products poles apart is that refurbished products are thoroughly tested, verified and repaired to work properly. In used products, this is not the case. They come with a doubt of being defected while their refurbished counterparts are free from any defects and may not have been used by the first consumer at all. Apart from that, there are many other differences you can come to terms with if you confuse both of these types.


As mentioned before, the best-refurbished computers are extensively tested and repaired as good as new before being sold again so they do come with a commendable warranty. Used products, on the other hand, are usually sold exactly as procured from the previous seller or user. This makes it unreliable and no warranty comes attached to it.

Functional Repairs

Refurbished computers are tended to be professionals and tested for and functional damages that need to be repaired. For example, if a customer returned a computer because its screen was broken the brand or seller will replace it with a new screen. Used products do not receive this kind of attention. Apparent issues like the one mentioned might be fixed to make it resalable, but other than that, no extensive tests are run through the computer to ensure its functionality.

Cosmetic Renewal

Apart from the functional aspects, refurbished computers are tended for cosmetic defects as well to make them look good as new aesthetically. Scratches, loose keys, dents and any signs of use are erased completely to give the best, new feel. If you go for used computers, you are likely to end up with a tarnished, shabby model, that wouldn’t be worth your money at all.


Obviously, when refurbished computers receive so much attention and care before resale, their price is higher than the used ones. Usually, brands offer refurbished versions of their products at 20-30 percent less than the price of the original. If you buy from a certified seller, you can get up to a 50 percent discount. The prices for used products can vary at a wide range. This is according to the next-to-nothing repair or alterations made in the system. This means you can get used Pcs for the lowest prices possible as well.

Now that you know the basic differences, make sure you don’t get scammed by ridiculously low prices and functional appeals. Make sure to identify that the PC you are buying is not from the used, but from the refurbished section if required for long-term rigorous use. For great deals on refurbished PCs and laptops, visit Tech Bazaar.

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