Features of the Best Refurbished Gaming PCs

Posted on January 29th, 2019

If you are a gamer or on a prospect to be one, a gaming Pc is sure to be your lifeline. Gamers are usually on the go with their computers for long hours, which cause computers to heat up. This is why a gaming computer has a short life and is used to its full extent. Sadly, new gaming PCs with their high-end gear and finery come at a pretty price. the best-refurbished computer companies offer a wide range of high-quality gaming PCs as well. This article will review the factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing best-refurbished gaming PCs.

Gaming PCs require some different specifics than a normal one. In order to land your hands on the best device, you need to investigate the following factors.


The type of gaming PC you build will be according to your budget and what sort of games you want to play. You cannot invest all your money on a high-end component and buy the others at a cheap price. You need to maintain a balance to make the best cost-efficient purchase.


For most games that require a multi-threaded workload, you will need a processor with multiple cores. At a maximum level, 2-4 processors will be all you need to get going. If you want your gaming display to be full HD you’ll need to get a 2.5 GHz processor at the least. Modern processors such as i7 or i5 are also powerful and functional.

Also, look into the stock fans of the computer. If you game at average timings, the inbuilt fans should be fine, but if you intend to overclock, you should look for refurbished peripherals to go with your refurbished PC, to keep your computer cool.


For this part of your PC, pay attention to how many USB ports it has. In the case of LAN connections, most motherboards are equipped for that, but if you want a wireless connection, you should buy one which is equipped for the job.

Similarly, look through its graphics card support. If you want to use dual graphics cards, your motherboard should have the correct SLI™ or crossfire support for them. Also, using multiple graphics cards will cause your PC to heat up and make more noise.


You can easily use the traditional hard drive for your gaming storage. But, you will need 7200RPM and an 8MB cache memory for gaming if you are going HDD. Usually, a 250-500 Gb of storage size is good for a gaming PC. Go for well-known brands, gaming PCs such as the MSI Nightblade 3 are easily available in refurbished markets.


What’s a game without a flawless display? Choose which monitor you want to use to display your gameplay effectively, to make most of your fun time! Try to get the highest refresh rate according to your budget.  This will set how many frames can be displayed on your monitor in one second. If you are looking to buy a large monitor for dynamic display, check the pixel density carefully. This is because you can start having scaling issues with your OS if the pixel density is too high.

That sums up an overview of the specifics of the basic components of a refurbished gaming PC. For the best deals on refurbished gaming PCs and its peripherals, visit Tech Bazaar.


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