How Does The Refurbishment Process Work?

Posted on February 19th, 2019

Refurbished computers and laptops are taking the electronic market by a boom. When asked what refurbished products are, the answer you’ll usually get is that they are products which are fixed and repaired and made as good as new. Mostly, the products taken up for refurbishment are the ones with minimal damage, to the extent that sometimes, only the box has been opened. Obviously, these products cannot be sold as new and have to undergo all the necessary tests and repairs to be revalued and put up for sale. 

But what exactly are these repairs and tests that a computer goes through before we can call it ‘refurbished’? Yes, there’s a technical story behind this terminology you should know of before you buy the best refurbished Pcs. Let’s see what steps a computer undergoes to receive the ‘refurbished’ label.

Initial Check and Preparation

When the product is returned by the customer or is assigned for refurbishment through any other platforms, as we discussed in our previous blog, the first step is thorough checking. Any signs of damage or malfunction in the unit’s external body are identified to determine what processes it will need to go through. Also, basic cleaning is done at this point. Any signs of cosmetic damage and signs of use are removed. If any part is deemed unrepairable, it will be replaced in the following stages.

Configuration and Upgradation

After that, the internal settings are taken into regard. The unit is provided all the updates it needs at this point. The best-refurbished PCs always come with the latest updates on all in-built software, to give an exactly new feel to the buyer.  To some extent, the unit is also customized to order, in its hardware and software. After that, overall calibration takes place to eliminate any viruses on the computer. Safety tests are also run through it to make sure it will work as smoothly as a new computer.


After the system is fixed and ready, its accessorized. This depends on what peripherals and accessories a brand-new model of the same league come with. This can also depend on who the refurbisher is or what accessories are mentioned in the deal. Usually, refurbished computers online come with complete user manuals and original accessories to give a good-as-new factor to the system.

Final Check

Before dispatching, each unit goes through a final inspection to see if it ticks all the boxes. Brand refurbishers and some seller refurbishers place a warranty on their refurbished Pcs and computers to give their customers the reliability they would get with a brand new computer.

This was a short overview of the rigorous process a computer goes through before it is given the green signal to be sold as a refurbished computer. So, now you can make an informed decision to buy a refurbished computer rather than a new one to save your money and contribute to the environments. To select from a wide range of latest refurbished computers, visit Tech Bazaar.


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