Nvidia Or AMD? – The Best Choice For Refurbished Graphics Card

Posted on March 11th, 2019

If you plan to use your PC for gaming and 4k video editing purposes, then you’ll need good graphics support for flawless working. When setting out to buy a graphics card, you are bound to come across the most heated discussion there is in the graphics card market, the Nvidia Vs AMD debate. 

Nvidia and AMD are two leading manufacturers of graphics cards. Both highly performant and compatible, each of them has its own pros and cons to choose from. Let’s weigh the points for both of them from an objective standpoint so you can make an informed decision about your graphics needs.


Price is the most evident difference between the two. While AMD cards come at relatively lower prices, Nvidia is made for high-end users. Interestingly, Nvidia’s motto is, ‘you have to pay to play’ which you’ll know for sure when you check their prices. Their latest high-tech graphics cards cost up to 1,700$! In contrast to that, the case is totally different in AMD cards. You will not only get them for a lower price but sometimes they come with a better performance to go with that in comparison.


Talking about the hardware technology, it’s definitely more advanced in the Nvidia series. But, if you really need a low-end graphics card then the good news is that AMD graphics cards make up for that through their ample memory settings. The best of AMD Turing systems are 14nm while most of Nvidia’s models have 12nm.


In the software world, none of these two come short from the other. Both Nvidia and AMD frequently produce stable drivers. But Nvidia takes the lead again with their flawless consistency and stability. On the other hand, when we compare the control panels on both of these cards, the AMD panel has a sleek modern look, while the one on Nvidia graphics cards look quite old.


What’s a video game without the perfect framerate? To get the best framerate while streaming, you will need to have the software supported by your GPUs system. This means Shadowplay from Nvidia and Relive from AMD. The improved birates on Nvidia’s Shadowplay increase its overall video quality.

Simply, the best refurbished graphics card for you is the one that fits your personal budget and needs. Now that you know what you will get and what you’ll have to compromise on with both brands, it’s your call. For the best prices on refurbished graphics cards, visit Tech Bazaar.

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