Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming

Posted on October 14th, 2019

If you are from the gamer community you must’ve heard the one eternal battle that has been going on forever. Who is the best GPU manufacturer; Nvidia or AMD?

If you need a GPU, you have asked for suggestions and might got different opinions about these two GPU manufacturers.

Today we are going to discuss Nvidia v/s AMD – Best GPU Brand for Gaming PC

Performance and Pricing

When it comes to performance, it cannot be generalized as performance varies from model to model. But with Nvidia and AMD, it is a race to ultimate victory.

AMD is famous for it’s budget-friendly, mid-range graphics cards that offer good performance. Their GPUs always offer better value for money and can add a significant amount of performance barely costing more than what Nvidia is offering. Sometimes they not only perform better but are also cheaper.

However, after we go past mid-range GPUs, things become different. Nvidia rules the market when it comes to high – end graphics cards. As such, the prices tend to get higher but so does the overall performance.


There is no doubt that Nvidia uses better technology that is more advanced in every way. Their GPUs tend to perform better at every computing task, they also generate less heat and consume less power.

AMD’s Graphics cards, on the other hand, make up for what they lack in processing power by increasing the memory bandwidth on their lower-priced models. But these cards use more power and tend to get hot.


A graphics card is only as good as its software. For a graphics card, its all about the latest drivers and the card’s dedicated control panel.

Both companies Nvidia and AMD both frequently release new and stable updates to their drivers. But Nvidia always has slightly better drivers in terms of stability and consistency.

As for the control panel, we have the Nvidia Control Panel and the AMD Control Center. By look, the Nvidia’s Control Panel looks pretty obsolete and outdated. But the AMD’s Control Center looks a lot better, having a clean and modern design.


Now to answer the big question, which is better Nvidia or AMD?

The answer is – neither. It all comes down to your preference, budget, and requirements. Because both Nvidia and the AMD Graphics Cards are great at what they do. To find out more about our Graphics Cards in stock click here.