Refurbished Devices: Should I Buy a Desktop or a Laptop?

Posted on January 14th, 2019

When purchasing a refurbished computer, you will be presented with two options: either buy a desktop PC or a laptop. However, there are certain factors that you must consider before making a final decision.
A desktop PC comes with a separated parts and requires a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to work. Whereas a laptop is a portable, all-in-one device which is more efficient for on-the-go use. Choosing which computing device to buy can be a difficult decision for many, especially those who are making such a purchase for the first time. Let’s learn more about both choices to help you pick the right device.

Case in Favor of Refurbished Desktop PC

When it comes to raw performance and speed, a desktop PC offers greater results than a laptop, in similar price range, of course. Most importantly, if you want to run graphics-intensive applications or play the latest games with high-resolution graphics, a desktop PC should be your default choice. For instance, purchasing a high end refurbished gaming PC such as MSI Nightblade will enable you to run almost every game and application without worrying about specifications.

We have seen substantial improvement in the performance of laptops in the last few years. Its CPU, memory, and RAM are at par with desktop PCs. However, when it comes to the graphics adapter, the latter offers superior performance and better value for money. That being said, you can also purchase PCs such as refurbished dell optiplex or refurbished Lenovo think center if you are restricted by a budget and looking for an entry-level device.

Case in Favor of Refurbished Laptop

A laptop is ideal for people who seek portability and flexibility in their computing device. It provides freedom to roam around with your device whether you go to college, office, or anywhere else. In addition to that, laptops contain a battery with few hours backup so you don’t necessarily require electricity all the time, unlike desktop PCs. You can choose from a variety of laptops including dell refurbished and hp refurbished devices.

Laptops screen sizes tend to be around 13” to 17” which is smaller when compared to monitors used with desktops which are at least 24”; however, laptops can be connected to an external monitor by an HDMI cable in case you want a bigger display. Laptops are a perfect choice for students and individuals with basic computing needs such as making assignments on MS office, check E-mail, browse the internet, etc.

Final Words

Whether you should go for a desktop PC or a laptop depends on your requirements and personal preference. We hope that the above information helps you make a better and well-informed decision. Visit Tech Bazaar and check out the latest devices available for sale.

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