Refurbished Laptop or Refurbished PC – Better Choice for a Student?

Posted on August 29th, 2019

Refurbished Laptop or Refurbished PC? – What is a Better Choice for a Student?


A student can easily take their laptops and take down notes, search the web for information or watch a movie to kill time before the next lecture.


It is not necessary to buy an expensive laptop with high – end specifications. A laptop with average specs that can perform basic tasks would be enough.


A student goes through a lot of stress and gaming is one of how that stress can be reduced. Refurbished Laptops are not designed for heavy gaming however; you can achieve moderate gaming with low – medium settings.


Having a battery in a laptop means that it can be used anywhere even if there is no electricity. Whereas a PC needs to be connected to an electrical outlet to work

All in One PC:

A laptop comes with an in-built keyboard and a mouse, which means it is not necessary to buy these peripherals separately, which further reduces the cost of the purchase.

Wires Everywhere:

Working on a refurbished PC requires a keyboard, a mouse, a LAN wire and a printer to be connected. But a laptop only needs its charger.

Power Usage:

A laptop consumes less power than a desktop PC. Smaller components mean less power is required to make them function.


Upgrading in laptops is limited. RAM and hard drive are the only components that can be upgraded. The remaining components are either built-in and are non-removable.


For most students opening a laptop and repairing a part can be difficult and finding the right replacement part often requires calling the laptop manufacturer. Whereas a desktop PC is easy to repair since most of the hardware can easily be purchased off the shelf.

Due to its portability and ease of use, I believe that a Refurbished Laptop is a better choice for a student to use rather than using a refurbished PC. For more information on our latest products click on this link.

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