Refurbished Memory And Graphics Cards

Posted on March 3rd, 2019

A gaming PC is incomplete without a graphics card, or what its usually called GPU. That’s because of the vibrant imagery, and high-quality videos in games that need a good graphic integration to function well. Otherwise, you will just end up getting irritated by the lack of image quality and slow processing of the video, now that’s not fun, is it?

Building a good gaming PC, on the other hand, can be expensive. You have to look for the best parts to cater to all your gaming needs. So, do you need a graphics card to accompany your refurbished gaming PC? There are some things you should take care of before you set out to make a purchase. Refurbished graphics cards are usually ones that are returned by the customer due to a minor glitch, or for no reason such as a mistake in delivery or order.

Although they may have some functioning problems, upon coming up for refurbishment, any evident signs of malfunction are permanently erased. Even after that if you do face a problem, you get the warranty you need on the best-refurbished graphics cards as well.  Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when buying refurbished GPUs.


Obviously, that’s the reason you’re thinking of buying refurbished right? But the price difference between new and refurbished graphics cards is not much as compared to the price benefit in refurbished computers. So, you should carefully judge the price of the new version of the card you’re buying to make sure you get a good deal.  That means, if you’re getting a 20-50$ difference then that’s great for a graphics card and you should go for it. But if it’s less than that, then you should rather just buy a new one.


The model is also a necessary aspect to look into when buying refurbished. You don’t want to get an old model because new, latest version games won’t work properly on that. Normally, the seller will mention how old the graphics card is, so be sure to buy one that’s not much older than two generations otherwise operating it will be a nuisance. The same principle goes for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.


You’ll need to check that if you want to sleep soundly at night. The best-refurbished graphics cards come with a warranty that will keep your mind at peace even if the card doesn’t work properly. Also, in this case, remember to check if the duration period is in months, days, or years so there’s no room for silly misconceptions.

That sums up our basic guide for you when you set out to buy the main component of your refurbished gaming PC. To make an informed refurbished purchase today, visit Tech Bazaar.

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