Refurbished PC v/s Refurbished MiniPC – The Better Choice?


Refurbished PC v/s Refurbished MiniPC – The Better Choice?

We get to choose many options in our daily lives. Be it choosing a type of breakfast we want to eat or the route we want to take on our way to work. But there are times when instant decisions cost us long term losses and, in those situations, we must think and focus on the pros and cons of the options we have.

In such cases, informative blogs like these help us with achieving our goal and prevent us from making the wrong decision. Here is a list of things you need to consider when buying a Refurbished PC or a Refurbished MiniPC: –

  • A refurbished PC is far cheaper to start with when it is compared with refurbished MiniPC. However, in the long-run, MiniPCs are more cost-effective.


  • It’s compact design and the ability to be mounted on the back of a monitor, allows the MiniPC to save the workspace and make it more spacious.


  • MiniPCs are sold as their own and no peripherals are sold along with it. Meaning that you would have to buy a keyboard, a mouse and other peripherals separately.


  • MiniPCs are restricted to USB-type ports meaning that older keyboards and mice are not compatible with it whereas the traditional PCs offer you this freedom.


  • MiniPCs are designed to perform basic tasks such as web browsing, watching videos, emails and more. Whereas with a traditional PC, complex tasks can be carried out easily and can be used for moderate graphics work.


  • A desktop is more prone to break down due to over-heating, dust or even power supply failure whereas a MiniPC performs well under pressure because of its low power consumption.


  • Playing games is the topmost priority for some people and gaming on a MiniPC is impossible. As discussed earlier, MiniPCs are designed to perform simpler tasks only.


  • A traditional desktop PC consumes more power to operate (250W – 750W) as compared to a MiniPC which requires only about 12W of power.


  • MiniPCs are industrial grade systems that can be used 24X7 without any downtime. Whereas a desktop PC requires frequent maintenance.


  • As we all know, desktop PCs are easy to upgrade but upgrading a MiniPC is severely limited.

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