Test Your Score – How Grading Works In The Best Refurbished Computers

Posted on February 20th, 2019

The refurbished market claims to offer the quality of a new computer at reasonable prices. We have previously talked about the benefits of refurbished computers and the rigorous testing they go through to be sold as refurbished. But, how can you determine the quality of the refurbished product? How does the seller classify where this computer stands in the matter of quality, utility, and durability? 

This classification is done by the grading process. Each refurbished unit is given a grade according to the amount of damage it has undergone and to which extent it can be fixed. Most of the time, the best-refurbished computer websites will give you R graded PCs and laptops. This means that the systems that were refurbished had minimal cosmetic and technical damage and were as good as new. In some PCs, this is not the case. They are returned in bad conditions and have been rigorously used by their previous owners. Some of these external and internal damages are beyond repair. This is why grades are applied to each product so that the customer knows exactly what he is paying for.


  • Grade R: When a refurbished computer comes with an R grading, it means that its quality is exactly like a new one. Most likely, it’s only been unboxed and sent back by the customer, so you won’t see any signs of use, and you’ll get it delivered box backed with all its accessories. The best refurbish websites prefer to put only R graded electronics on sale. You’ll get these at about 30-40 percent less than the original price, so it’s definitely worth your money.


  • Grade A: An A grade refurbished computer will be in great condition overall. With minimum scratches and scuffs on the outside, and next to no technical damages on the inside, this is also a great option to go for. Although, it might have slight marks on the keys, screen, or the external body resulting from previous use. But, an A grade computer will never have scratches or a wear and tear condition. All the keys and buttons on the computer will work as you would expect a new computer too. With only minor signs of use, the grade of refurbished computers is a good choice as well.


  • Grade B: This Grade of Refurbished PCs will show moderate signs of wear and use. This is because most computers returned after a long-term usage fall into this category. The plastic and trim will be intact, but it’s possible that the outer shell has some scratches and scuffs. All keys and buttons in this grade will also function properly but may have some wear and tear on them such as blurred letters and loose keys.


  • Grade C: If a PC of this category is set up for refurbishment, then most likely it will not be sold at a warranty of the sellers. This is because C grade refurbished computers will show considerable signs of use, and require a large number of repairs and replacements. This means that it is fixed in every way possible but cannot be guaranteed to work flawlessly attributing to its age and use. The case may have severe scratches and scuff, while the plastic material will be broken or torn such as the keys and buttons. The buyer will not be able to operate it as he would expect to operate a new model.


  • Grade D: Refurbished computers that receive a D grading are most likely not put up for sale in the refurbished markets. These are highly damaged systems with some parts being unsuitable for usage. Only the parts that are repairable from this unit, such as the monitor or keyboard can be used for resale as refurbished peripherals,  but the best refurbished peripheral sellers avoid D grade computer parts as well.


Now that you know your refurbished computer grades, make sure that you check the grade on your choice before confirming your purchase. You can buy any grade according to your needs and budget, but be sure that you get what you’re paying for in this case. To get the best grade-A refurbished PCs and laptops available online, visit Tech Bazaar.

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