Turn The World Around – Creating Circle Economy With The Best Refurbished Products

Posted on February 21st, 2019

It’s high-time that 100 percent of the population realizes that our usage of the planet’s resources is not sustainable in any way. Mostly, all political agendas in the last decade have included sustainability and minimalistic living. This comes in form of,  anti-pollution campaigns, water conservation, rainforest saving notions and many more. The point of sustainability that the refurbishment market contributes to is the circle economy concept.

What is the Circle Economy Concept?

In Basic terms, this means to run our economy and productions in a circular manner. What goes from one hand should be received by another eventually to optimize the usage of each product. In other words, each product created with the planet’s resources should not be just discarded in an unruly manner but should be given a second chance to serve humanity. Theoretically, if each production is initially designed for further refurbishment after one use, then the result will be zero waste. But is that even possible? As discussed in the previous article, products put up for refurbishment are given grades, and even D grade units are reused by putting their parts to use. But, even if the refurbished market is growing larger and generating more income, how can we persuade the population, on the whole, to try and make use of their computers and PCs?

Government Intervention And Re-marketing

Many countries have already taken a head start and have set an example of how government interventions can help promote re-marketing on different platforms. For example, some states in the US have made it mandatory for government institutions to buy only refurbished computers for their official usage.

Similarly, as we know that the best-refurbished computers undergo lots of repairs and tests to make them as good as new, The Swedish government has deducted the VAT on repair services from 25 to only 12 percent.

Europe, on the other hand, has created a commission to find out new ways to help this industry grow to promote the circle economy notion.

As no worldwide regulations have been placed as yet, the results are not vividly evident. But, they do their share to reduce the individual consumer footprint for electronics and the resources it takes to facilitate each computer and laptop.


Buying best-refurbished computers will not only go easy on your pocket but may also help fill further pockets on a regular basis. Yes, the circle economy concept that refurbishment contributes towards also creates ways to generate more jobs in the future. This is because you will definitely need more employees if you wish to repair and renew a product as compared to the number of people you’ll need for waste management or to construct a new unit. A new technician is needed for every stage of refurbishment, statistics show that 269 jobs are created for every 10,000 tonnes of waste if we choose to refurbish it.  Also, new businesses can also prosper under the refurbishment label. This can help create an effective political agenda for the good of the people and the planet combined.

Together, we can opt for refurbished products, or sell our used products to refurbishers to contribute in the circle economy notion, and sustain what we take from the environment. To select from a wide range of best-refurbished computers and laptops today, visit Tech Bazaar.


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