Used Laptops V/S Refurbished Laptops – How Do They Differ?

Posted on October 23rd, 2019

You may be a student, an office employee or just an average person looking for a laptop to complete your projects, prepare presentations or just browse the web. But there is always a question on your mind. Which one to go for?

When choosing a laptop, there are many things to consider before you make your decision. Some of the key features that you look for are the processor, screen size, RAM and storage.

But choosing from the two might be a difficult choice to make. In this article, we shall see Used Laptops v/s Refurbished Laptops – How Do They Differ?

Refurbished Laptops 

Buying a refurbished laptop is a great way to get a laptop that is as close as a brand new laptop with the same specifications and quality but at a much lower price.

They may or may not be used. Refurbished laptops are laptops that are sent back to the manufacturer due to a minor technical defect or a physical dent.

Refurbished laptops are checked thoroughly for hardware and quality check to ensure their smooth functioning. During the inspection, any issue occurred is repaired and then the device is marked certified.

These laptops also come with a warranty period so that the customer has an ease of mind when buying it.

Used Laptops 

Used laptops are also known as secondhand laptops. These laptops are not supposed to undergo any process of quality check, testing or repairs. Thus, the seller cannot provide a guarantee of its life and how long the device is going to be functional.

Generally, it depends on the condition of the laptop and how you handle your device. It may work a year without any problems, or it can malfunction within a week.

Despite their defects, many people do buy used laptops because they are easy to buy and are extremely cheap. You can use it easily without having to save money to purchase a new or a refurbished one.

But you may be in for a surprise disguised as defects and system failures if you didn’t inspect the machine before buying it.


These were some of the differences between a Refurbished Laptop and a Used laptop which would help you decide your next machine. To find out more about our latest Refurbished Laptops in stock, please visit us at