Used vs. Refurbished Mini PC

Posted on July 9th, 2019

There have been never-ending debates on the used vs. refurbished comparisons and most debates conclude refurbished items to be better in terms of reliability and quality. The most commonly raised concern is that refurbished products are also either slightly used or defected so they cannot always be better than the used ones. However, the arguments in favor of refurbished items are convincing enough to prove their superiority overused products.

Used vs. refurbished mini PC

A mini PC is not a great choice for users who require heavy specifications for gaming or graphics designing purposes but there are several reasons why it might be a great choice for you. Firstly as the name suggests, a mini PC is small in size so it is ideal for office use where the quantity of computers required is high but the usage is not extraordinary. It can be placed right next to the monitor and hence it saves a lot of office space. A laptop could be an alternative but the price difference is significant.

Secondly, a mini PC consumes very less electricity so offices can save up on utility bills significantly given they have a large number of PCs. Following is a comparison of used and refurbished mini PC:

  • Reliability: Users tend to sell a mini PC either because they are upgrading to a better system or more likely that the current system is creating problems. A lot of people complain about used PCs because after some time it starts creating software or hardware problems that might have been temporarily fixed when the user was selling it.

    Refurbished mini-PCs, on the other hand, are given out to consumers after the manufacturer has repaired and serviced the system themselves. Hence, the chances of any problem arising are lesser than used mini PCs.

  • Pricing: Considering the fact that refurbished mini PCs are serviced by the manufacturer, you might assume that it would cost more than a used mini PC. However, the price difference is usually negligible between the two. Both refurbished and used mini-PCs can be purchased for less than a half price of a new mini PC.
  • Variety is greater in refurbished: Newly launched models of mini PC are hard to find in used condition but refurbished models are always available maybe because of a slight defect serviced by the manufacturer. So you can buy new models are at a low price if they are refurbished.

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