Refurbished Monitors – Yes or No?

Posted on March 11th, 2019

Monitors are the most important peripherals of your PC. If your monitor works flawlessly, you’ll have amazing gaming or user experience through your PC, and if not, simple computing tasks will give you a headache. 

So, should you risk buying refurbished monitors or not? If you need a new monitor for your gaming rig, or just for your home-use PC, and want to save a few bucks, then refurbished monitors are the best choice for you. While everything has its own pros and cons, the same goes for monitors as well. Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether to say yes or no to refurbished monitors.


When someone goes for refurbished products, the main advantage is clear, it lowers the price by a considerable percentage. You can get a refurbished monitor from a certified refurbisher at almost 50% of what you would pay for a new one.

Apart from that, the best-refurbished monitors are thoroughly tested and relieved of all their initial problems, so you can be sure that they won’t reappear. The usual complaints that monitors are returned for are blacklight bleeding and dead pixels. As mentioned before, refurbished products undergo many repairs before they are put up in the market, giving you perfect peace of mind about the functionality of the product. But, this may vary upon who you purchase your refurbished computers from. We’ve discussed certified and seller refurbished products in our previous blogs so you can check that out before making a purchase.


The disadvantages of buying refurbished monitors also depend entirely upon who you buy from. For examples, if you buy your refurbished monitor from a company which gives a very short warranty period, there’s a chance that your monitor may work well until the warranty threshold. The solution to this is, make it a point to use your monitor rigorously in the first few days after it is delivered to you so that any problem that’s not fixed or counterfeiting can be detected in the warranty window.

Also, according to refurbishment grading, refurbished monitors can have certain signs of use. This can vary from minor cosmetic damage to scratches or dings here and there. If you’re not ready to face such consequences, then new models are the ones for you.

While buying the best-refurbished monitors will go easy on your pocket, if you’re not careful with what you buy, you might end u wasting the money on a refurb as well. So look closely at the product specifics, warranty, and the company before you set out to buy one. And to buy the best-refurbished monitors for your gaming PC today, visit Tech Bazaar.

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